Steve (aka Element Animation Steve, EA Steve, or Egg's Guide Steve) was/is a character from Element Animation's videos and An Egg's Guide to Minecraft. He was taken to the end portal by an enderman who was commanded by The Great and Powerful One aka Herobrine. He might return in the future animations.


His appearance is similar to Steve from Minecraft. But, he has thick 2 by 1/2 eyebrows, sightly smaller pupils, round bending arms, and a mouth that barely shows his teeth.

Trivia (Element Animation)

  • His first appearance was An Egg's Guide to Minecraft Part 3. His last appearance was the MineCon 2015 Opening (You can see him talking to other people and another Steve walking when Villager #9 is walking in the Big Ben scene).
  • He is less popular than the Villagers.
  • He recently appears in the cover photo even through he did not appear since Scott Stoked (voice actor of Steve)'s death.

Trivia (The Allemn universe canon)

  • He might appear as a background character
  • He has a crush on Alex.